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LesliesAgro recognized that the growing demand for organic crop production necessitated a greater emphasis on delivering an all-natural soil nutrition solution. Our mission is to provide organic, regenerative, and conventional farming enterprises with consistent access to environmentally-friendly direct application organic fertilizers. We focus on teaching, testing, and correct use to document results rather than making untested claims about our fertilizer. As a result, we are able to promote the development of sustainable agriculture in Sri Lanka.

LesliesAgro is a Sri Lankan organic fertilizer supplier and developer. LesliesAgro aspires to be a leading organic manufacturer, serving the rapidly expanding organic agricultural industries. We believe in creating smart organic products with openness while following to organic agriculture's four principles: health, ecology, fairness, and care. Our agriculture practices are centered on preserving the ecology and soil for the sake of human well-being. Each of our procedures is built to meet the stringent requirements of the organic agriculture business.

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