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Bio char (4l)



Product details of Bio-Char Inoculated with Vermicompost tea and EM1, 100% Organic

Soil amendment 4litres

  • A lifetime soil enhancement
  • Inoculated with vermicompost tea and EM!
  • Grow more vibrant plants.
  • Retain
  • Reduce the need for watering
  • Increase microbial life
  • Build lasting, healthy soil.

The Leslie’s BIO-CHAR Difference

We are proud of our BIO-CHAR soil conditioner. Leslie’s has a pure love for growing great gardens. Tending beautiful yards and making the world a better place. We say “Better soil Better world” because using our BIO-CHAR will help your soil and help our world. Through its unique benefits.

The Leslie’s BIO-CHAR Bonus

Nutrients are more available to your potted plants, lawn, trees, and flowers. Improves water retention to extend the life of your plants in dry conditions. BIO-CHAR continues to support better soil health for 100s of years. Carbon is returned to the soil that would have been released as Carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere

Weight 1.25 kg

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