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Vermicompost (2kg)



Nutrient Profile

  • PH 7.2%
  • EC(ds/m) 4.67%
  • Moisture 30%
  • Organic Carbon 46.55%
  • Total Nitrogen 1.26%
  • Total Phosphorus 2.5%
  • Total Potassium 1.5%
  • C/N Ratio 36.8%

Agricultural Crops:

Apply vermicompost by broadcasting when the seedlings are 12-15 cms in height. Irrigate the field(s).

Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit trees:

Apply vermicompost around the base of the plant at any stage of development and cover with soil. Water regularly.

How much is necessary to use?

  • Fruit trees 1-2kgs per tree
  • Vegetables. 100-200g per plant
  • Flowers 5-10g per plant
Weight 2 kg

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